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Natural Skin Care Should be Effective, Not Just Safe

Posted by Marie Veronique on

Natural Skin Care Should Be Effective, Not Just Safe

Consumers have had and continue to have considerable impact on the food industry by demanding organic, natural, sustainable and local. And since consumers have turned their attention, especially in the last decade, to the cosmetics and skin care industry, demanding better accountability and more stringent safety standards, we have seen real progress when it comes to cleaning up our cosmetics and body care products. For example, blowing the whistle on such ingredients as parabens, hydroquinone, phthalates, and triclosan has resulted in their virtual disappearance from the green scene.

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Retinol Explained + Six Tips For Successful Use

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6 Tips for Getting the Most of Your Retinol

When the goal is preventing aging as well as correcting existing damage virtually all dermatologists agree daily retinoid use is the answer. The term "retinoids" refers to vitamin A and the various molecules derived from vitamin A, which itself is also known as retinol (ROL). In the skin, ROL is converted to retinaldehyde (RAL) and then to retinoic acid (RA). Misuse of the terminology has led to much confusion around the whole issue of Vitamin A derivatives and their use, but I’ll keep it as straightforward as possible by limiting our discussion to skin aging and what retinoids like retinol/retinaldehyde/tretinoin can do to prevent and even reverse visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots.

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Zombie Corals and Sunscreen

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Zombie Coral Reefs

One year ago I wrote a blog post, "The Sunscreen Story Just Got Another Story," which linked increasing presence of certain chemicals in our environment with lowering fertility rates. A 15-year study of almost 5,000 Danish men with an average age of 19 found that only 25% had "really good semen quality—that is the shape and concentration of the sperm." Though the study concentrated on PFCs (perfluorochemicals) and phthalates, found in plastics and cosmetic products, head researcher Niels Jorgensen speaking at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s annual conference also recommended abandoning sunscreens, much to the discomfiture of the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Perfumery Association.

However, before we abandon all sunscreens we should make an effort to identify the problem.
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Something New Under the Sun: Skin Protection in the Age of Global Warming

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Sun Protection

" warming because of manmade factors has been accelerating in recent years. In March [2016], a group of leading scientists—including Dr. James Hansen, widely regarded as the first person to have raised awareness on climate change—issued a report warning that the effects of global warming could come quicker and at a far bigger impact than originally thought." -Jonathon Chew, Fortune, 4/20/16

There is no denying that climate change affects every aspect of our lives--even skin care. At some point in the upward trajectory of levels of heat, pollution and UV emissions, protective skin care will transition from a cosmetic option to a health necessity. And because we aren’t used to thinking of skin care in that way, it will be a non-trivial leap.

But even though the necessity for comprehensive skin protection is something new under the sun it doesn’t have to be regarded as dire, doomsday, or even that much of a nuisance.

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Which supplementation works best for skin, internal or topical…or both?

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Welcome to our new blog series! We have been working hard to refresh our brand so that all of its pieces, from website navigation to product names and descriptions, are clear, informative and easy to understand. Our aim for our blog section is to continue in the same informative direction, but we also envision widening its scope at times by including, when possible, discussions of topics where confusion presently reigns. One such opportunity to shed light on a murky subject presents itself with retinol, which the green community has too often dismissed without a fair hearing. Retinoids, at the least the right ones, are a huge boon to skin care. If you have been wondering about retinol, please read the blog post below to find out which retinoids to choose as well as how they benefit your skin.

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