Product Use Guide For Adults Concerned About Aging And Acne

by Marie Veronique

The basic protocol described below can be used by adults who are concerned about aging in addition to acne.


  1. Using a cleanser in the morning is optional. Here are some choices depending on skin condition: dry - use tepid water; inflamed - use yoghurt; normal to slightly oily - cleanse with an oil cleanser such as our Pure + EO Free Oil Cleanser.
  2. Tone with Balancing HypoTonic; use cotton pad and swipe over face / neck.
  3. Apply Barrier Restore Serum.
  4. Apply Protective Day Oil.
  5. Apply Everyday Coverage Sunscreen SPF 30.

Other steps

For acne / breakout-prone skin, use Treatment Cleanser, then apply the Treatment Serum in place of Barrier Restore Serum and use Treatment Oil instead of Protective Day Oil to control oiliness.

For sun-damaged skin and hyperpigmentation, apply  Vitamins C+E+Ferulic Serum for added antioxidant protection or to brighten skin, under  Barrier Restore Serum.

For rosacea-prone or inflamed, dry skin, apply  Soothing B3 Serum, under  Barrier Restore Serum.


  1. Cleanse with Pure + EO free oil Cleanser.
  2. Tone with Balancing HypoTonic; use cotton pad and swipe over face / neck.
  3. Apply Gentle Retinol Night Serum (if you are pregnant / breast feeding, use Vitamin C+E+Ferulic Serum instead).
  4. Apply Barrier Restore Serum.
  5. Apply Barrier Lipid Complex.

Other steps

For severe acne, cleanse with Treatment Cleanser.  You can also use the Intensive Repair Serum under the Treatment Retinol Serum and follow with the Barrier Restore Serum every night. Use Treatment Oil rather than Barrier Lipid Complex.

For mild acne, cleanse with Treatment Cleanser. Use the Treatment Retinol Serum and Barrier Restore every night, alternate Intensive Repair with Treatment Serum every other night.  Use Treatment Oil rather than Barrier Lipid Complex.

For blackheads, congestion, and problems with the T-zone area, cleanse with Treatment Cleanser, then use Intensive Repair for clogged pores on nose / forehead, 1-2 times / week. Apply Treatment Retinol Serum nightly and Treatment Serum 3x/week over retinol.

To refine pores, cleanse with Treatment Cleanser.  Use Gentle Retinol Night Serum  every night, combine with Intensive Repair Serum once a week.

For dry, redness-prone prone skin, cleanse Pure + EO free oil Cleanser then apply Gentle Retinol Night Serum and follow with Soothing B3 Serum. 1-2x/week at night, add in the Intensive Repair Serum before the Gentle Retinol serum

A note on using Barrier Restore with Gentle Retinol Night Serum: As an unexpected bonus, our approach echoed the results of studies that recommend improving barrier function as a way to help people use retinoids. The problem of facial retinization some people experience when starting retinol use was greatly reduced when people built up barrier function prior to embarking on a retinoid treatment protocol.   

A note on using Barrier Restore with Intensive Repair Serum:  Salicylic acid (in Intensive Repair), when combined with sodium PCA and phospholipids (found in Barrier Restore) can prevent dehydration. This is a great combination for refining pores and clearing congestion without drying skin, but don’t overdo it!

For those of you who are interested in a more thorough discussion on all things acne and rosacea, please see my book on the subject “The Acne Answer.”

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