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Marie Veronique
Soothing B3 Serum

Soothing B3 Serum

Calm with 10% NIACINAMIDE and moisturize with potent humectants for a dewy glow.


1oz | 30ml

This gel is ideal for all skin types and for all seasons, whether you live in humid climate, the dead of winter in NYC, or are a frequent traveler, as it prevents against many of the symptoms that result from extreme conditions.

The strategic formulation results in a gel that provides an even and natural glow without any topical residue.

Client trials by KRISTINA HOLEY have shown a notable decrease in redness and sensitivity with consistent usage, as well as a reduction in acne in those who experience cyclical or more inflam-matory based breakouts.

Safely and effectively controls inflammation with 10% NIACINAMIDE, BIOFLAVONOIDS and LICORICE ROOT.

A light gel that disappears upon application to protect and soothe invisibly, it may be used day or night, or both.

Microbiome-friendly + fragrance and essential oil free, it is safe for even the most allergy-prone, sensitive skin.


Calms inflammation (dermatitis, sensitive or sensitized skin).

Reduces redness/blotchiness, good for rosacea type conditions.

Helps with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation of healing acne.


NIACINAMIDE (VITAMIN B3) reduces inflammation by improv-ing barrier function and stimulating ceramide production.

PANTHENOL very hydrating/moisturizing, deeply penetrative.

LICORICE ROOT brightens skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots, anti-inflammatory.

ECGC The major and most highly chemopreventive constituent in green tea, the catechin possess antioxidant and anti-inflam-matory properties.

KNOTGRASS FLAVONOIDS enhances skin firmness and elasticity and boosts skin cell turnover rate.


Camellia sinensis (Green tea) extract, sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide (vitamin B3), D-panthenol (pro-Vitamin B5), sodium salicylate, n-acetyl glucosamine, Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (ECGC), gluco-nolactone, polygonum aviculare extract (knotweed bioflavonoids), daucus carota sativa (carrot) root extract, Beta-glucan, galacto-oligiosaccharide, bacillus ferment, leuconostoc/ radish root filtrate ferment, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract


Fragrance + Essential Oil free


Use in the morning and at night. Shake well before each use. Apply a thin layer of Soothing B3 Serum after cleansing and misting. Follow that with an application of one of our recommended oil blends, such as Treatment Oil or Rejuvenating Night Oil. If irritation develops discontinue use and consult a physician. Keep in a cool place out of direct sunlight.


Into the Gloss

"Jane Larkworthy was right—the Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique collection of serums (that's Intensive Repair, Barrier Restore, and Soothing B3) really can't be beat. They're a 1-2-3 punch targetting inflammation and its side effects (that's acne, aging, and various types of dermatitis). Instead of treating just one thing, the best way to describe the results is to say 'perfectly soothed and dewy skin.' Meant to be used as a system, I've taken to mixing together at least two of them at any given time: Intensive Repair and Soothing B3 when I'm breaking out, adding in Barrier Restore when I'm healing."

The Chalkboard Magazine

"After a quick rinse of my face I follow up by Marie Veronique + Kristina Holey Soothing Gel, MV + KH Protective Day Oil and MV + KH Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen."

Well + Good

"...specifically designed to address the inflammation issue, which is behind things like acne, redness, and even premature signs of aging."

Forbes Magazine

"The clear formula vanishes into skin, calming any irritation that may occur due to the exfoliation process, leaving behind a dewy finish."

Anna Goes Green

"Designed to tackle inflammation which is the underlying cause for many skin conditions..."

Zoe Report

"I've yet to score a facial from her myself, but San Francisco’s skincare guru Kristina Holey has long been on my radar—so when she launched a line of products with organic brand Marie Veronique, I knew it would be good."

Vogue Paris

"We both have this weird passion for skin and we were just on the same page in terms of how we approach it,” says Nadeau, who launched her popular green beauty brand on the back of a cult-favorite tinted chemical-free zinc oxide sunscreen in 2002. “My approach has always been: ‘How would nature do this?'"


"The cross-generational collaboration between Bay Area skin-care authorities is just getting started."

Jenni Kayne

" go-to facialist, San Francisco-based Kristina Holey, recently came out with a line of serums specifically geared towards treating inflammation. She was inspired to create them after seeing a rise in perioral dermatitis among her clients due to hormonal issues, stress, and more. Kristina crafted the formulas with Marie-Veronique Nadeau, creator of the organic skincare line, Marie Veronique, and they just launched this month."

Into the Gloss

"After, I pat on Marie Veronique Barrier Restore Serum, which is part of a collection she created with fellow San Franciscan Kristina Holey, who is one of my favorite facialists."

Mother Mag

"I use Marie Veronique products day and night. I recently got a facial from Kristina Holey..."


"Marie Veronique is one of our most beloved brands; Kristina Holey is one of the most celebrated facialists in the country. Anything they do together is bound to be extraordinary."

Forbes Magazine

"The non-toxic formulas are rooted in science. Chemist Marie and bio-medical engineer daughter Jay collaborate on all formulas. "

Allure Magazine

"Based on a community-building ethos that seems to be echoed throughout the Bay Area beauty scene, the company aims for total transparency in its brand selection and educating customers to the concept of clean beauty. You’ll find products from established and locally-made In Fiore and Marie Veronique alongside emerging and similarly beloved brands like Kjaer Weis and African Botanícs."

Mind Body Green

"For green beauty lovers who aren't afraid to give real retinol a try, Marie Veronique makes a retinol serum, and Goop makes a face cream with retinyl palmitate."


"Her vision at Marie Veronique is to deliver superior, non-toxic skincare drawing on nature’s genius and the brain of science through innovative formulations. Achieving optimal skin health and healing real skin issues drive us to produce safe products that truly work."

Wall Street Journal

"Science still figures prominently in her technique—appointments involve inquiries about diet, habits and psyche. This summer, Holey launched KH/MV Exclusive Solutions, her first trio of products, created in collaboration with natural-skin-care pioneer Marie Veronique."


"I was hooked. Like – wish I had the money to buy the company, hooked! In my life before MV, I would always have a monthly break-out (right around the time my hormones were surging), but once I started using MV those days were gone. Forever. I truly love MV and the way my skin has aged over the last six years."

Gentle Retinol Night Serum Review

"Kristina Holey's holy grail products: Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Serum isn't going to strip the skin of its barrier oils and make it vulnerable, but you still get the benefits of vitamin A: increased collagen and cellular turnover, and decreased inflammation."

Gentle Retinol Night Serum Review

“...skincare products containing retinol are powerful and can irritate the skin, so we recommend finding a non-toxic solution that is gentle and effective. Retinol should only be used before bed as part of your night-time skin routine and daily use of sunscreen is essential while using it to prevent damage from the sun. Some of our favorite Clean options for serums with retinol are Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Serum and Mad Hippie Serum.”

Protective Day Oil Review

"I've been enjoying using her formulas...which blend the very best of nature with science."

"If too much wear & tear has left your skin w/dark spots, lines, wrinkles and uneven tone, reach for this dynamic duo [Gentle Retinol Night Serum and Rejuvenating Night Oil]."

Huffington Post

"This is not her Farmers Market skincare. Give her this highly active (yet gentle enough for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin) duo of power serums [Vitamins C+E+Ferulic Acid Serum+Gentle Retinol Night Serum] from skincare guru Marie Veronique, to arm her with a protective antioxidant arsenal during the day and a potent natural retinol at night. After a few weeks of using these two serums, all the other flower children at the food co-op will be commenting on her radiant skin."

Green Product Junkie

"Many people have issues with Retin-A, but the great thing about this is that it's gentle (hence the name). I have had nothing but great experience with this and I'm addicted to using it nightly. Because this product exfoliates while it works, it's recommended for nightly use only and, this goes without saying, use an SPF daily."

Marie Veronique Skin Care Review

"Many of you ask for a safer alternative to retinol creams and this would be it! I really love this Retinol Serum because it boosts collagen production, speeds up new cell turnover, and unclogs my pores which helps reduce the risk of blemishes."

Makeup By Mary B Review

"When it comes to high end skincare, one of my top brand picks is consistently Marie Veronique."

Marie Veronique Review

"These brands are completely free of animal testing. They also either have vegan options or, if noted by '100% vegan', are currently a completely vegan line."



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