To Prevent Photoaging, You Need a Vitamin C Serum

by Kristina Holey

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Did you know that much of what we typically think of as aging — wrinkles, “broken”-appearing blood vessels, hyperpigmentation, age spots, laxity of the skin, etc. — is actually the result of too much sun, not the passing of time? In the world of dermatology, this is known as photoaging, and the only way to prevent it is by limiting your exposure. 

When you use one of our Vitamin C serums in combination with sunscreen, you not only prevent sun damage but actually enhance your skin’s ability to neutralize the effects of continuous exposure. You also help damaged skin return to a healthier state, reducing age spots and hyperpigmentation. Think of using Vitamin C underneath sunscreen sort of like using primer when painting a room — if you use primer before you paint, it’ll turn out much better.

Beyond Topical: Oral Health with Dr. Gerry Curatola

by Kristina Holey

For those of us involved in skincare, the implications of the role of the skin-oral microbiome connection are fascinating. In the latest edition of Beyond Topical, our series of interviews with experts on the various influencers of skin health, we talk with Dr. Gerry Curatola, the renowned biologic restorative dentist. 

Read on for a lively conversation that illuminates some of the surprising ways our oral health affects the health of the rest of our body – and especially our skin. 

How to Build a Skin Health Regimen

by Marie Veronique Skin Experts

Having healthy, beautiful skin means different things for each person, and requires a holistic approach that takes into consideration your skin and health history, as well as your current skin state and significant influences from your everyday life. As with anything health related, there’s a certain amount of self-discovery necessary if you want to make impactful changes that support healthy skin function and symptom-free skin.

Thank You: A Year End Message from Marie Veronique

by Marie Veronique

Thankfulness in 2021 owes a huge debt to the marvelous scientists and medical professionals who developed and delivered effective vaccines to counter the Covid-19 threat in record time. On another medical front, a development that has gone under the radar is a brand new malaria vaccine that was recently approved; lest we forget, mosquitoes and the diseases they carry kill more people than any other creature in the world. (Step back, sharks! Insect vectors and microorganisms win again.)

Our Thoughts on Accutane: Regimens for Before, During, and After Use

by Justine Wenger

We receive countless inquiries from customers about the side effects that can occur alongside the use of Accutane. It can be very hard on the skin! We understand wholeheartedly why so many of our customers decide to use it; having chronic breakouts is emotionally distressing to say the least. It is a big decision though and it’s good to have some strategic topicals to help.

If Accutane is part of your skin health story, you’re in the right place. There are ways to support your skin with topicals to counter the adverse affects you may be experiencing. Whether you’re currently on Accutane treatment, post Accutane, or deciding what approach is right for your skin, we’ve compiled our best recommendations for topical support to guide you.

Supporting Your Skin Internally and Topically During the Windblown Months

by Kristina Holey + Justine Wenger

The turn of the season is a great time to assess your skin’s overall level of health. Much like changes in the weather, changes in the skin are your body's way of guiding you to figure out how to better support yourself as the days grow shorter. Do you need something more, less, new, or to stay the course? This is an opportunity to tune in and set yourself up for the healthiest possible months ahead. 

Marie Veronique EDU: Saltwater | An At Home Bath You Make Yourself

by Marie Veronique Skin Experts


While making high quality skincare products that deliver the essential micronutrients for skin health is complicated, some are appropriately DIY. Bath salts fall into this category. Taking a warm bath with salts is a smart way to improve circulation, which benefits all internal organs and pathways of elimination — especially the skin! In fact, boosting your circulation via exercise, proper hydration, eating well, and yes, taking a warm bath, has a positive effect on your overall systemic health. 

Beyond Topical: Psychodermatology with Matt Traube

by Kristina Holey

At Marie Veronique we often think about the power of the mind in relation to the skin — while the mind-gut connection is pretty well established, the connection between skin health and mental health is much less so. However, as anyone who’s dealt with chronic breakouts or other daunting skin concerns can attest, the emotional aspects that accompany physical symptoms are their own challenge. Not only are they difficult to deal with, but they can actually be part of the problem.

This is one of the reasons we wanted to interview Matthew Traube, a psychotherapist who specializes in psychodermatology, a relatively new and growing field of treatment that addresses the interaction between the mind and the skin. Matt’s approach is informed by his father’s book, “Skin Deep,” in which he explores healing skin concerns from a therapist's point of view, as opposed to that of a dermatologist. 

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