5 Steps to Skin Health + Beauty

This 5-step protocol is designed to achieve optimal results by taking the guesswork out of skin care.

*Layer products in immediate succession for best absorption—no need to dry between steps.

Our complete regimen reconceptualizes the five mainstays of skin care—cleansing, hydrating, nourishing, moisturizing and protecting—to help the skin help itself. The skin, our body’s largest organ, consists of intricately related systems and subsystems. When these systems and subsystems work together, the skin heals, protects and maintains itself, but an impairment in any one subsystem can throw the overall system out of balance, profoundly affecting its ability to function properly. One of the most common underlying causes of impairment stems from imbalances in either gut or skin microbial flora. (For example, consistent use of inappropriate topicals can compromise barrier function by creating an environment hostile to the skin’s commensal microbiota.)

Our systemic or holistic approach is informed by the concept of biomimicry, which looks at the processes vital to skin health, then supplies the ingredients necessary to ensure that everything proceeds according to nature’s plan. We use oils to cleanse because this is how the skin naturally cleans itself; probiotics to restore microbiome balance because this is how the skin naturally defends itself; and vitamins and enzymes to treat because these are what the skin uses to repair itself. 

All of our products are formulated using ingredients that work synergistically without any unnecessary additives or preservatives. They are intended to be strategically layered to increase efficacy. Each step of this regimen is designed to maintain the comprehensive health and integrity of the entire skin system. We advise choosing at least one product from each category:


    We no longer associate harsh stripping, peeling and exfoliation with deep cleansing. Oils are a much more effective way to penetrate congestion where it starts, at the base of the pores, without harming or drying out the skin. When massaged into the skin, oils and gentle surfactants remove sunscreen, makeup and debris while leaving the lipid barrier intact. Rather than compromise the microbiome with the addition of preservatives, we encourage helper microflora to thrive by adding them to our formulas. 

    TO USE (AM) A morning cleanse is not necessary if you properly cleansed your skin the night before—simply rinse your face with water, alternating between warm and cold temperatures. Our cleansers do not remove the skin’s natural oils, so if you feel the need to cleanse more than once per day, you may do so without harm.

    TO USE (PM) Shake well. Dispense one pump and warm between hands. Using first three fingers, draw small circles over face/neck/chest to remove daily sunscreen, makeup and debris, adding water as needed to create slip (1-2 min). Rinse thoroughly. The skin should feel fresh, soft and nourished when finished. *Skin should not feel dry, stripped or squeaky-clean as our cleansers work to protect the lipid layer.


    The humectants in our Pre+Probiotic Mist and Balancing HypoTonic were chosen for their similarity to the stratum corneum’s natural components. The biomimetic design optimizes skin barrier function, maintaining the natural balance of the intercellular matrix, and keeping lipids intact, cells plump and skin truly hydrated. A healthy skin barrier protects against dehydration and contributes to skin regeneration, smoothness and elasticity. Daily maintenance of barrier function is important to skin health at any age, but it is essential if aging skin is a concern. This imperative step prepares the top layers of the skin to absorb nutrient-rich serums most effectively. 

    TO USE  Mist: Shake well. Lightly mist onto face/neck/chest. Tonic: Shake well. Saturate cotton pad and swipe across face/neck/chest, avoiding eye contour area.

  3. SERUM

    Serums are active, highly concentrated products intended to penetrate deep into the skin and provide targeted treatments. Formulated using biomimetic ingredients, our serums address specific skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, inflammation, breakouts, aging and skin health maintenance. They are designed to be layered and interchanged according to your current skin condition – think of them as your skin’s daily dose of topical vitamins.

    TO USE Shake well. Smooth 1-2 pumps onto face/neck/chest or use as a spot treatment on affected areas. 

  4. OIL

    Oils are our version of a daily moisturizer, and our complex oil blends are dynamic players in any strategic skincare regimen. They moisturize by replenishing epidermal lipids, then allowing the skin’s barrier function to do its job—a key part of which is regulating the skin’s water content. Ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids, the lipids that aid in proper barrier function, are found in the stratum corneum. Fatty acids high in linoleic and gamma linoleic acids are instrumental in preventing congestion, moderating inflammation and protecting skin from environmental assault.

    Your skin’s needs change regularly based on factors like hormonal shifts, environmental influences, seasons, stress and, of course, age. It’s often necessary to use different oil blends at different times to achieve skin stability. When you understand your skin’s unique rhythms, you can select the appropriate oil blend to accurately treat its symptoms and maintain its overall health.

    TO USE Shake well. Dispense 1/2 dropper and warm between hands. Smooth over face/neck/chest, avoiding eye contour area. This seals in your serums and should be the last step of your regimen.


    We believe that daily sunscreen is an imperative step in delaying aging, promoting long-term skin health and preventing skin cancer. Our zinc oxide-only formulation is key because it excludes dangerous mineral and chemical agents like titanium dioxide and avobenzone—present in the majority of chemical sunscreens—that break down in the presence of UV and generate their own free radicals. Zinc oxide is the only safe and completely natural sunscreen agent that provides double protection against premature aging; it reflects UV, HEV and infrared radiation that damages cells via free radical generation. Not only that—it is a known anti-inflammatory and can help those battling inflammatory conditions like acne or rosacea.

    TO USE Apply directly after your face oil or moisturizer, while the skin is still slightly damp, and at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Shake well. Dispense one pump and warm between palms. Smooth over face/neck/chest, and blend evenly into skin. See drug facts on label.

Keep Your Products Fresh

  1. Shake Well: Heavier ingredients quickly settle to the bottom of the bottles, so it’s important to shake your products before each use in order to redistribute the contents.
  2. Keep Cool: Keep in cool, dry area out of direct sunlight, always securely replace lids after use, and avoid touching the tips of droppers.
  3. Use within 6 months for maximum potency and efficiency.

Synergistic Layering

Just as no two people are alike, every skin inhabited by an individual is unique to that person. Skins may share common conditions like acne and aging, but under that umbrella, every person presents a different set of symptoms. For this reason, we have found that the most effective treatments come from serums layered to address skin problems at the symptom level rather than the condition level. This delivery method, which we call “synergistic layering,” gives us a tool for effectively treating multiple symptoms while keeping ingredients fresh.