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Holistic Skin Health Consultation

Holistic Skin Health Consultation


An experiential Skin Health Consultation with Marie Veronique’s Director of Skin Health Kristina Holey. Kristina’s proprietary method provides clients with a holistic, custom approach to supporting healthy skin function and keeping your skin as healthy and beautiful as it can be at every stage of life. It consists of an in-depth conversation aimed at gaining a comprehensive understanding of your skin’s specific needs and goals, taking into consideration your skin and health history, as well as your current skin state and significant influences from your everyday life. Read more about Kristina Holey here.

A certificate will be delivered by mail and contain instructions on how to schedule the consultation. Terms & Conditions apply.

Skin Health Consultation includes:

  • Analysis and review of full skin and health history intake questionnaire (which shall be kept private and confidential between the member and Marie Veronique), including your five-day food journal
  • 60 minute virtual consultation (via Zoom) with Kristina to deep dive into your history and gain an understanding of your needs
  • Receive a personalized skin care regimen with both topical and internal support recommendations