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Skin Health Advice

WHERE TO BEGIN // A Guide to Find Your Essential Topicals Now

Begin here! We are so pleased that you’ve discovered us and we’d like to help you find the most essential topicals for your skin. We recently launched a new tool on our website to simplify your decision-making and offer a personalized point of entry with our skincare. Based on your responses from our self-guided questionnaire, you will receive suggestions for your top three priority products and a tailored AM/PM regimen.


PERSONALIZED TOPICAL REGIMEN from an Esthetician // Free of Charge, May Take 2-3 Days

Having healthy, radiant skin is complicated! You need a partner for this work, and we are here to serve in that role. Marie Veronique's estheticians specialize in skin health and product matching for your current skin type and concerns, and they give expert topical advice. We’ve found again and again that the customers who find the most success with their skin health and our products work with us directly. Answer some simple questions about your current skin health concerns and an esthetician will get back to you within two working days with a custom skincare regimen and product recommendations.


SKIN HEALTH CONSULTATION // $300 for initial consultation, $150 for follow-up consults

Based on years of collaborative practice between Marie Veronique’s Director of Skin Health Kristina Holey and licensed acupuncturist Justine Wenger, our Skin Health Consultation service offers clients a holistic, custom approach to addressing symptomatic skin and supporting healthy skin function. 

The initial consultation is an in-depth conversation aimed at gaining a comprehensive understanding of your skin’s specific needs and goals, taking into consideration your skin and health history, as well as your current skin state and significant influences from your everyday life. We discuss topical factors (products, skin microbiome, external stressors, at-home skin care), as well as internal system factors on skin function (immune health, gut health, nervous system and stress, hormonal, blood system and circulation). The goal is to help you identify imbalances (internal and external) as well as opportunities to make impactful changes that support healthy skin function and symptom-free skin.

The Skin Health Consultation program includes: 

  • Full skin and health history intake questionnaire including five day food journal 
  • 60 minute virtual consultation (via Zoom) with a member of our team to deep dive into your history and gain an understanding of your needs
  • Personalized skin care regimen with both topical and internal support recommendations

To provide comprehensive care we typically recommend 30 minute follow-up consults every three months to monitor progress and adjust treatment as needed, as well as to account for seasonal shifts and resulting needs.