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We appreciate your interest in Marie Veronique! We’re glad to see the demand for safe, natural skin care products continues to grow.

At Marie Veronique, we strive to deliver safe and highly-effective skin care that addresses a wide variety of skin issues. We also happen to be a small company making things by hand in small batches. As such, we are not able to partner with all who apply. We give priority to those with brick-and-mortar operations, rather than those selling only online. For those giving facials, due to the range and technical nature of the products, we give preference to those who will be able to utilize the line in a comprehensive way. Our current geographic focus is the United States.

Thank you again for your interest - we will do our best to respond within 3 weeks.

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What are your expectations and goals in terms of training and education for you and your staff?
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Note: If approved, we will ask for your Resale Certificate