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We sing the praises of skin health all year long, and this is a great time of year to help us spread the word! Supporting our customers in achieving their healthiest, most beautiful skin is our reason for being – but getting to experience the way it changes their lives is a gift.

So in turn, if you’re going to shop for meaningful gifts this season, know that when you shop with us, you’re supporting us in that work! True wellness lifts people up, and it’s a wonderful thing to share with others.

Here are our seasonal selections for giving the gift of healthy, radiant skin to a loved one (or yourself). These offerings will be available until 1/1/23. 

For those who want to get serious about delaying signs of aging in the skin, this is your set. It combines a selection of our most essential topicals for age delay with a Custom Skin Health Consultation that builds on the initial set of products with additional recommendations and guidance. 

Based on years of collaborative practice between Marie Veronique’s Director of Skin Health Kristina Holey and licensed acupuncturist Justine Wenger, our Skin Health Consultation provides clients with a holistic, custom approach to supporting healthy skin function and keeping your skin as healthy and beautiful as it can be at every stage of life. It consists of an in-depth conversation aimed at gaining a comprehensive understanding of your skin’s specific needs and goals, taking into consideration your skin and health history, as well as your current skin state and significant influences from your everyday life. 

Skin Health Consultation includes: 

  • Full skin and health history intake questionnaire including five day food journal 
  • 60-minute virtual consultation (via Zoom) with a member of our team to deep dive into your history and gain an understanding of your needs
  • Personalized skin care regimen with both topical and internal support recommendations

Holiday HypoTonic Duos

Balancing HypoTonic is a toner unlike any other – because it’s actually a tonic! This super-hydrator does triple duty: it calms and soothes the skin, promotes microbial balance, and preps the skin for serums and oils. Bonus: this miracle tonic restores acidity to the skin’s pH, a key characteristic of younger, symptom-free skin. (Alkaline skin ages faster.) 

The two Strategic Duos below feature Balancing HypoTonic and a highly effective serum to apply after using.

Pregnancy Skin Kit

When someone announces they’re expecting, we often think first about the baby, but how about a gift that treats the mother? Our Pregnancy Skin Kit is the perfect starter size introduction to support the skin during a time of profound change within the body. This collection of products safely supports the skin system throughout the various hormonal fluctuations and internal changes that can impact the state of the skin during and after pregnancy/while breastfeeding. The most effective way to promote healthy skin at this time is to encourage stability within the skin system by focusing on the fundamental needs of your barrier layer — nourishing and hydrating it with micronutrients, essential fatty acids, and beneficial bacteria.