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Beyond Topical: Restorative Remedies with Dr. Anna Gold

Beyond Topical is an informative series featuring interviews with authentic Marie Veronique users sharing their expertise across a variety of topics that impact total skin health and wellness. As leaders in their respective fields, we value the informed decisions that have brought these friends of the brand to Marie Veronique Skincare. Because while supporting skin with well-formulated and strategic topicals such as the ones we make at Marie Veronique is imperative, we also want to bring attention to other contributing factors that can influence skin health.


“These tinctures are rooted in traditional medicine for modern-day support” - Dr. Anna Gold

    Thank you to Dr. Anna Gold for joining us, who has been a dear friend of the brand for many years. We feel honored to share and promote the power of her herbal medicinals that we have experienced ourselves and seen transformative results for skin and overall health. For as long we’ve worked together, Anna herself authentically uses Marie Veronique skincare and exclusively recommends our topicals to her clients.

    Kristina and Anna introduced three specific tinctures that are universally beneficial for everyone to counter stress, address fatigue, and boost immunity, all of which benefit the skin. The unique tincture format is easy to use, accessible, and highly bioavailable; an ally in your wellness goals to promote balance, recover faster, and build resilience.

    During the holiday season, in addition to BALANCE + SUPPORT DUO, we will be offering this assortment of Dr. Gold’s tinctures to keep you fully supported:

    Stress SupportBALANCE TINCTUREImprove Mood and Promote Calm. This formula boosts energy, repairs digestive function, and harmonizes the nervous system. 

    Suggested Use: Add 2 mL (about 3 droppers) to 1/4 cup warm water. Drink 3 times daily.

    Immunity SupportDEFEND TINCTURE. Ensure Protection and Well-being. Effective immune boosting tonic to protect and defend against colds and viral illness.

    Suggested use: Add 2mL (3 droppers) in 1/4 cup warm water once a day to support immunity.  Increase to 2mL three times a day to relieve mild respiratory discomfort.

    Fatigue SupportELEVATE TINCTURE. Revive and Restore Skin, Adrenals and Mental Clarity. Promotes revitalization of the skin and body, resulting in improved appearance of skin tone, increased energy, and a sense of overall well-being.

    Suggested Use: Add 2 mL (about 3 droppers) to 1/4 cup warm water. Drink 3 times daily.


    Anna Hsieh Gold, L.Ac, DACM, Diplom.OM, FABORM, is a Doctor of East Asian Medicine specializing in women’s health. Her integrative approach to treatment utilizes both Western and Eastern diagnostic methods including acupuncture and comprehensive lab testing, combined with complimentary herbs. In 2016 she founded DR. ANNA GOLD, a collection of herbal tinctures combining Chinese Medicine with Ayurvedic and Western herbs to address skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and mature skin, as well as common imbalances including insomnia and stress.