Beyond Topical: The Microbiome with Dr. Kristin Neumann

by Kristina Holey

Beyond Topical: An interview with microbiologist Dr Kristin Neumann

In the latest edition of Beyond Topical, our series of interviews with experts on the various influencers of skin health, we talk with Dr. Kristen Neumann, a microbiologist with a special interest in the skin. 

It's an interesting conversation that yields some surprising insights. For example, diversity in a microbiome is not always desirable — what we're actually looking for is balance. Skin can be populated by only a few species in its microbiome and still be perfectly healthy. Read on for these and other gems, and for how ongoing research is helping us get better at keeping that balance in place. 

Beyond Topical: Oral Health with Dr. Gerry Curatola

by Kristina Holey

For those of us involved in skincare, the implications of the role of the skin-oral microbiome connection are fascinating. In the latest edition of Beyond Topical, our series of interviews with experts on the various influencers of skin health, we talk with Dr. Gerry Curatola, the renowned biologic restorative dentist. 

Read on for a lively conversation that illuminates some of the surprising ways our oral health affects the health of the rest of our body – and especially our skin. 

Beyond Topical: Psychodermatology with Matt Traube

by Kristina Holey

At Marie Veronique we often think about the power of the mind in relation to the skin — while the mind-gut connection is pretty well established, the connection between skin health and mental health is much less so. However, as anyone who’s dealt with chronic breakouts or other daunting skin concerns can attest, the emotional aspects that accompany physical symptoms are their own challenge. Not only are they difficult to deal with, but they can actually be part of the problem.

This is one of the reasons we wanted to interview Matthew Traube, a psychotherapist who specializes in psychodermatology, a relatively new and growing field of treatment that addresses the interaction between the mind and the skin. Matt’s approach is informed by his father’s book, “Skin Deep,” in which he explores healing skin concerns from a therapist's point of view, as opposed to that of a dermatologist. 

Beyond Topical: Mindful Movement with Tiffany Cruikshank

by Kristina Holey

When most people think of exercise, they usually think about it in terms of the health of the body. However, it also is necessary for the health of the skin! Movement, exercise, and support for the nervous system all greatly influence skin health, so helping clients figure out how to safely and effectively incorporate these practices into their lives is critical. At the same time, it can also be challenging. The industry of exercise is often misleading and confusing; most sources of information consistently overlook the importance of mindfulness and awareness when working with the body in favor of focusing on the visible results. 

We’re pleased to share this interview with with international yoga teacher, author, and health and wellness expert, Tiffany Cruikshank, about her philosophy for mindfully and constructively incorporating movement into your life.