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Introducing Barrier Layer Support for the Body

Introducing Barrier Layer Support for the Body | Marie Veronique


A note from our Founder Marie Veronique Nadeau –

We’ve spent 20+ years formulating skincare products. During that time, facial skincare has received most of our attention because, like it or not, the face is the first thing other people see, and the template from which they derive most of their first impressions of you. Nevertheless the skin of our bodies should not be neglected; it is the organ that holds everything together after all. Indeed, its various discrete ecosystems make bodily skin fascinatingly complex–the skin of the elbows and knees is different from the skin of the decolletage and the belly button area has its own mini-microbiome. However our task vis a-vis bodily skin care is much easier than facial skin care, where we are concerned about barrier dysfunction, UV exposure, stress damage and a host of other issues that can show up as unwelcome skin changes like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

When it comes to bodily skin care our task was made easier by the fact that the primary concern expressed by our customers was dryness. Just a reminder: while dryness is often associated with aging, and it can indeed increase with age, dryness can be a problem for anyone of any age, depending on such factors as underlying health issues, medication, genetic predispositions to skin disorders such as atopic dermatitis, and levels of exposure to extreme weather and pollution, among many other things. Thinking through all this we came to the conclusion that while skincare for the body may be relatively simple compared to the face, we still had to put on our Marie Veronique thinking hats.

We began by referencing correspondence from our loyal customers (yes, we listen because you often give us really good ideas). Turns out a lot of you had been asking for an overall body treatment similar to your beloved Barrier Restore Serum. Aha, we said, that makes sense, because if the main issue is dryness the first place to look is barrier dysfunction. We quickly went to work in Research & Development to create a body product that would deliver to skin everywhere the same benefits that Barrier Restore Serum delivers to the skin of the face. Each and every ingredient within the formulation serves a purpose — there is absolutely nothing additive. Also, including soothing calendula was such a delight for me–there is nothing like the healing properties of freshly harvested herbs, especially when you know just where they come from (hint: my farm in Northern CA).

Voila! We cried at last, throwing our hats in the air, we have it! And here it is, our latest innovation in topical support: BODY BARRIER EMULSION.

Our First-Ever Body Treatment

Body Barrier Emulsion is an oil/cream hybrid that delivers breathable hydration and lasting protection. The lightweight, milky texture offers supreme and daily nourishment that resolves dryness for all skin types.

The Thinking Behind Body Barrier Emulsion

The skin is a naturally-sustaining organ and the body's first line of defense. The stratum corneum (the outermost layer) provides protection against irritants + allergens, microbial invaders, UV radiation, and other environmental contaminants. When the skin barrier is compromised – which may be associated with various factors such as aging, environment, internal changes, heat and exposure to hot water – it can lead to dryness or irritation which often leads to further imbalances. Additionally, our immune system operates in close proximity, and relies on a strong barrier to remain stable.

Improving barrier function promotes the skin’s innate ability to moisturize, balance and protect. This is particularly important as we age, when ceramide production decline leads to increased dryness, often to the point of discomfort. Our goal was to formulate a rehydrating product which increased moisture content via lipid replenishment and enhancement of natural repair processes.

For those experiencing skin problems such as dryness or irritation, conventional belief has it that the use of lotions or creams is beneficial. Contrary to this view, we believe heavy occlusives inhibit proper barrier function, and can actually work against you by disrupting the natural flow of moisture retention. Consideration of such issues, and efforts to resolve them via a non-occlusive pathway, represents a major advance in topical technology. In keeping with our mission we combine technical advances with an all-natural approach with regard to ingredient selection. This unique emulsion provides lipids, humectants, probiotics and enzymes, either bioidentical to or similar to those occurring naturally on your body.

Key Ingredients + How They Work

Our strategic formulation utilizes novel surfactants, emollients, and probiotics; it deliberately includes ONLY ingredients that work synergistically to support barrier function, even the emulsifier. We purposefully avoided anything that may sensitize or irritate the skin, and included these chosen actives:

  • STREPTOCOCCUS THERMOPHILUS—A symbiotic microbe containing high levels of sphingomyelinase (ASMase), an enzyme. Topicals containing this probiotic can generate a significant increase in skin ceramide amounts via the ASMase/ceramide pathway. Biosynthesis of ceramides, which comprise 50% of the skin’s barrier layer, declines with age.
  • GLUCONOLACTONE—Polyhydroxy acid (PHA), a potent humectant, and natural preservative. It enhances water balance while acting like a very gentle exfoliant.
  • POLYGLYCERYL POLYRICINOLEATE—A novel food-based surfactant and emulsifier. Directly improves barrier function by multi-tasking with probiotics to provide microbial balance. In addition, the polyglycerol part of the molecule provides emollience to lubricate the skin and improve overall texture and appearance.
  • CALENDULA INFUSED SAFFLOWER OIL—Locally harvested from Marie Veronique Nadeau’s farm in Northern CA, calendula’s soothing properties have been long established. Its carrier oil is safflower oil, a polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) rich in linoleic acid. This Omega-6-rich oil has a long history of use in alleviating dry skin.

How To Use

For optimal absorption, we recommend applying evenly over clean, damp skin.

Start by spreading a quarter-size amount over the chest/neck/shoulders and moving down the arms to the hands. Then work up the legs, adding product as needed and massaging onto the legs, hips, and finishing with the torso. May repeat as needed especially to the areas of the body experiencing dryness, tightness, visible scars, crepiness, redness, or irritation.

Summing Up

With this one layer, you can feel assured you’re applying the right amount of attention to the entire skin system. We’re excited for you to soak up all the benefits (My name is Marie Veronique Nadeau, and I approve this pun).