Answering Your Questions About Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion

by Marie Veronique Skin Experts

Photo of Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion in an amber glass

Addressing your most frequently asked questions about our latest product release, Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion

Why We Made Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion

by Marie Veronique Skin Experts

Watch Founder Marie-Veronique Nadeau and Director of Skin Health Kristina Holey reflect on why we decided to create Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion. 

Introducing the First Truly Clean, Microbiome-Friendly Replacement for Prescription Retinoids

by Marie Veronique Skin Experts

We are thrilled to unveil our latest product, a true innovation in skin health: Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion. This creamy, luxe night treatment offers a more intelligent and comprehensive way to address aging than anything currently on the market.

Created to address the need we saw in our ongoing work with clients for a highly effective, microbiome-friendly alternative to prescription retinoids, this product is designed to provide a smart, strategic way to address and heal the declining function that is characteristic of aging skin. 

Skin Health Tips for LA Living

by Marie Veronique Skin Experts

palm trees

Marie Veronique products are designed to repair, restore, and protect the skin from unavoidable stressors in the environment that everyone experiences. In LA, that typically includes photodamage (damage from the sun and other sources of UV light), arid climate, and pollution.

How to Build a Skin Health Regimen

by Marie Veronique Skin Experts

Having healthy, beautiful skin means different things for each person, and requires a holistic approach that takes into consideration your skin and health history, as well as your current skin state and significant influences from your everyday life. As with anything health related, there’s a certain amount of self-discovery necessary if you want to make impactful changes that support healthy skin function and symptom-free skin.

Supporting Your Skin Internally and Topically During the Windblown Months

by Kristina Holey + Justine Wenger

The turn of the season is a great time to assess your skin’s overall level of health. Much like changes in the weather, changes in the skin are your body's way of guiding you to figure out how to better support yourself as the days grow shorter. Do you need something more, less, new, or to stay the course? This is an opportunity to tune in and set yourself up for the healthiest possible months ahead. 

Marie Veronique EDU: Saltwater | An At Home Bath You Make Yourself

by Marie Veronique Skin Experts


While making high quality skincare products that deliver the essential micronutrients for skin health is complicated, some are appropriately DIY. Bath salts fall into this category. Taking a warm bath with salts is a smart way to improve circulation, which benefits all internal organs and pathways of elimination — especially the skin! In fact, boosting your circulation via exercise, proper hydration, eating well, and yes, taking a warm bath, has a positive effect on your overall systemic health. 

Skin During Pregnancy and Postpartum: What’s Going On?

by Kristina Holey + Justine Wenger

Pregnancy and postpartum is a time of profound change within the body, and that certainly is true for skin function. Changes during this time are common, whether skin becomes symptomatic for the first time, underlying skin symptoms surface, or, more positively, the coveted ‘pregnancy glow’ reveals itself.We often hear from clients that they’re unsure, confused, and sometimes even fearful of skin symptoms arising during pregnancy and postpartum, especially if they’ve had issues in the past. We want to help alleviate that fear.By trusting and supporting your body’s innate intelligence (instead of constantly trying to “fix” it), you can appreciate this time as the truly phenomenal experience it is. After all, humans have evolved to do this over many millennia – the body rarely needs your brain’s interference.