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Marie Veronique EDU: Saltwater | An At Home Bath You Make Yourself

Our blog posts are one of the ways we educate our customers about the skin, but today we’re introducing a new opportunity to learn. While supplies last, we are including a package of Saltwater: An At Home Bath You Make Yourself free with every order on (NOTE: the giveaway has ended.) This gift includes one bath + a recipe card with instructions for how to make it yourself going forward — you can add it to your cart at checkout. 

Why Saltwater?

While making high quality skincare products that deliver the essential micronutrients for skin health is complicated, some are appropriately DIY. Bath salts fall into this category. 

Taking a warm bath with salts is a smart way to improve circulation, which benefits all internal organs and pathways of elimination — especially the skin! In fact, boosting your circulation via exercise, proper hydration, eating well, and yes, taking a warm bath, has a positive effect on your overall systemic health. (For a more in-depth read on this topic, refer to our blog post, Does Great Skin Start in the Blood? The Role of Circulation in Skin Health.)

Improve Your Circulation and Your Skin with a Simple, Strategic Soak

You can make this stress-relieving, skin-soothing soak with items easily found at your local health food store. Magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate deliver the muscle-building, nervous-system-supporting mineral transdermally, while xylitol hydrates and helps strengthen the skin's barrier. 

Environmentally speaking, there is no need to buy individually packaged bath salts if you know a really good recipe — and now you do! (Many packaged bath salts contain preservatives and things unhealthy for our waterways, not to mention the packaging they require.) 

We’ll never sell these at retail, so please do make them yourself — and enjoy the benefits!



Mix to combine: 

¾ cup magnesium chloride; ¼ cup magnesium sulfate; 1 tsp xylitol


For scent, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (herbs or flowers work here too)

Unlike most bath salts you buy, there are no stabilizers in this recipe, so these ingredients when combined will eventually liquify. That's just science! While these ingredients will never go bad from a safety perspective (salinity, as in salt-curing food, prevents microbial contamination), be sure to store them separately. 


Empty contents of pouch into a warm bath and allow 1-2 minutes to dissolve. For best results, use within a month of receiving or making.