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Thank You: A Year End Message from Marie Veronique

Thankfulness in 2021 owes a huge debt to the marvelous scientists and medical professionals who developed and delivered effective vaccines to counter the Covid-19 threat in record time. On another medical front, a development that has gone under the radar is a brand new malaria vaccine that was recently approved; lest we forget, mosquitoes and the diseases they carry kill more people than any other creature in the world. (Step back, sharks! Insect vectors and microorganisms win again.)

But mosquitoes are part of the biological food web and do serve a purpose in nature’s grand scheme. As do giant, lumbering mammals such as ourselves, who have finally come to the painfully-acquired understanding that microorganisms keep us alive, and we’re all interconnected in the great web of life. From this perspective, a malaria vaccine is an enormous step up from mosquito eradication programs, which not only didn’t work, but also screwed up ecological balance. Humans have come a long way.

We’re eagerly following the research the brilliant scientists of the world are publishing as well, with a particular interest in learning about how to support the web of microorganisms that sustain skin health. Microbiome balance vigilance informs everything we do at Marie Veronique these days, but beyond balance, we're also seeking to gainfully employ those microbes who are definitely on our side in the skin health battle. So let’s grant another vote of gratitude to the wonderful Marie Veronique team who together continue to accomplish amazing things. They’re that clever.  

And finally, thank you, smart people everywhere, for the work you do. Ça va sans dire that this includes our customers, for reasons we don’t have to spell out. You’re that clever.

— Marie Veronique Nadeau