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How to Build a Skin Health Regimen

Here’s the thing about skincare that most beauty brands don’t want to talk about: it’s complicated. As much as we’d like there to be, there is no silver bullet, and there is no overnight miracle cure. Having healthy, beautiful skin means different things for each person, and requires a holistic approach that takes into consideration your skin and health history, as well as your current skin state and significant influences from your everyday life. As with anything health related, there’s a certain amount of self-discovery necessary if you want to make impactful changes that support healthy skin function and symptom-free skin.

All of that said, the resources are out there! We’ve got a library of content on our blog that can help you better understand how the skin works so that you can give it what it needs to function optimally. In this post, we’ll link to some articles with basic information on the skin, as well as to some that can help you learn more about common skin conditions. 

We Are Here to Support You

But before we dive in, here’s something you might not be aware of: you need a partner for this work, and we are here to serve in that role! Marie Veronique's estheticians specialize in skin health, and they give amazing — and free — topical advice. We’ve found again and again that the customers who find the most success with their skin health and our products work with us directly.

CLICK HERE to answer a few questions about your current skin health concerns and we’ll get back to you within two working days with a custom skincare regimen and product recommendations from a real human being. As in any relationship, it’s a give and take — we’ll work together to help you get the best results.

The Skin Health Student’s Reading List

If you’re going to read one thing, read about Marie Veronique’s approach to helping the skin help itself: 

5 Steps to Skin Health + Beauty


Some primers on the anatomy and physiology of the skin:

The Structure and Function of Skin

Why Does Healthy Skin Matter?

Does Great Skin Start in the Blood? The Role of Circulation in Skin Health

Skin During Pregnancy & Postpartum: What’s Going On?

Skincare Must Be Strategic. And It Starts With Supporting Barrier Function.

Rethinking Exfoliation: the Most Misunderstood Practice in Skincare

Healthy Skin is a Reflection of a Balanced + Diverse Microbiome

Collagen + Aging Explained: Myths, Claims and Facts

Facing Facts: It's Time to Talk About Men's Skin Health


Information on addressing specific concerns: 

Maintaining Skin Health Under a Mask

A Treatment Plan for Acne

Thin Skinned: Aging Around the Eyes

Product Guide: How to Treat Acne + Aging Simultaneously

Inflammatory Skin and the Importance of Sun Protection (Rosacea)

Sun Protection: Scrutinize Sunscreen Ingredients, Not SPF Numbers


Information on commonly used actives in skincare: 

Retinol vs. Retinoid: How to Choose the Right Vitamin A Derivative

Retinol Explained + 6 Tips For Successful Use

Advances in Age-Defying Skincare: The Vitamin B3 Story

Dermal Delivery of the Essential Topical Micronutrients 

Dermal Delivery of the Essential Topical Micronutrients: Part Two 

On a Final Note

We’ve been making skincare for twenty years now, and if there’s one thing we know it’s that we’ll never reach a point where we know absolutely everything there is to know about the skin. It’s a process of continual research and discovery, and of making changes to existing products and practices when new information comes to light. 

It’s worth pointing out here that many of us learned about skincare from our mothers or grandmothers, and boy do we know a LOT more than we did decades ago. Same thing goes for those of us who’ve learned about skincare from magazines and Instagram feeds. As students of skin health, we encourage you to always consider where your information comes from. Our mission is to help people understand and care for their skin from a holistic perspective, and we are here to support you with the safest, most effective topicals and advice available.