Aging: 20s-30s + Severe Acne

Many people experience hormonal fluctuations, food intolerances and/or gut disorders for their first time in their twenties and thirties, so skin can be vulnerable to many unwanted symptoms during this time. The most common ones we see are cystic acne and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Though their primary source may be internal, by topically supporting a healthy skin system you can moderate or completely eliminate these symptoms while you work on supporting your internal body.

Unfortunately, adult onset acne has become an increasingly common condition. It can be a result of unresolved teenage (chronic) acne, improper skin regimens or internal imbalances. Adult “acne” often appears differently than Acne vulgaris (teenage acne) and is commonly limited to 1 or 2 specific areas of the face like the jawline, chin, cheeks, forehead or hairline. It ranges in severity from an occasional hormonal cyst to clustered breakouts.

As aging is a new concern at this time, this regimen is designed to treat acne symptoms while providing anti-aging benefits and should be implemented until symptoms are resolved. We advise a less-is-more treatment strategy to begin to reverse the effects of over-cleansing, stripping or exfoliating, by gently nourishing, restoring microbial balance and improving barrier function. These products support an ecosystem in which your residential microbes can thrive. Retinol is essential (as long as you are not pregnant or nursing) because it helps to clear skin while delaying aging by normalizing skin cell development.

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