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Marie Veronique


We are so excited to launch the first collaboration between Kristina Holey, celebrated skin care specialist, and Marie Nadeau, our amazing formulator at Marie Veronique.  The three new products in the Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique line are designed to address inflammation, the underlying cause of most skin conditions including acne, dermatitis and aging.  

What makes their products different are that the collaborative pair are shifting the direction of natural--moving away from ritualistic and highly fragrant oils and balms to truly functional products. While functional products are still natural, their main focus is on delivering positive results based on academic research. Results-driven product design makes use of microceutical ingredients like important vitamins to kick-start biosynthetic processes, while avoiding ingredients like essential oils and microcidal preservatives that can interfere with healthy skin function.  The products have no scent, yet result in skin that feels soothed, nourished, and ultimately, healthy.

Barrier Restore Serum: Our skin barrier protects against external assaults, but its most important task is to protect against moisture loss. BR improves compromised barrier function by replacing components lost through such stressors as over cleansing, exfoliation, topical anti-microbials or antibiotics, daily wear and tear or just plain aging.  Restoring barrier function returns the stratum corneum to a state where proper moisture levels are maintained, resulting in skin that feels moisturized, hydrated and healthy.

Soothing B3 Serum: controls inflammation with niacinamide, rebalances the microbial colonies on the skin to control unwanted/pathogenic overgrowth such as P. acnes and also give the skin a really lovely glow with glycosaminoglycans.

Intensive Repair Serum: Addresses stubborn breakouts, very common to adult onset acne. With IR we move away from outdated theories of sterilizing and stripping the skin, and focus instead supporting the micro biome of the skin on rebalancing oil production, reducing inflammation (the most common source of adult acne) and gently clearing congestion without irritating or drying the skin. The resulting product is a gel that can be used at night to refine ones complexion and clear unwanted congestion. 



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