Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Skincare Collection

Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Skincare Collection

We are so excited to introduce more products in the collaboration between Kristina Holey, celebrated skin care specialist, and Marie-Veronique Nadeau, founder and formulator of Marie Veronique products.  To the three serums that were launched last year Kristina and Marie have rounded out the line by adding a cleanser, a toner, a lipid complex and a mask.

All the products are biomimetic, that is, they are specifically designed to help nature achieve optimum health by supplying the building blocks required for proper maintenance at all levels of the skin, from the stratum corneum down to the dermis. Skin microbiome balance, another important factor in the skin health equation, is also very much front and center in the design process.

The line stands in the forefront of natural skin care because Kristina and Marie believe very strongly that saying no is not enough. Criteria such as “natural” and “toxin-free” should be givens in the creation of truly functional products, not ends unto themselves. The latest findings in skin physiology and microbiology drive KH+MV design; for example the cutting-edge products make use of microceutical co-enzymes that kick-start biosynthetic processes, and take care to follow nature’s lipid management systems as closely as possible while at the same time avoiding ingredients like essential oils and microcidal preservatives that can interfere with healthy skin function.  The result is products that have no scent, yet leave the skin feeling soothed, nourished, and ultimately, healthy.

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