Men’s Skin + Severe Acne

Although skincare for men exists, options are sparse, and education around men’s skin health is virtually nonexistent. Men’s skin obviously differs from women’s skin, as do its needs. Thanks primarily to testosterone, a man’s skin is oilier, thicker and has a higher collagen density than a woman’s—which contributes to a skin aging differential of about 15 years. Starting at puberty, the body begins producing hormones and sebum; teenage boys are especially vulnerable to breakouts as sebum production is testosterone-driven. While acne vulgaris usually abates in a man’s early twenties, over time men’s skin can be weakened by constant shaving, which can stress the skin and lead to folliculitis, razor bumps and razor burn. Additionally, studies show that men over 50 are more than twice as likely as women to develop and die from skin cancer—a startling and somber statistic that reinforced Marie’s desire to pioneer conversation, education, and straightforward products that encourage men to take the health of their skin seriously.

Unfortunately, adult onset acne has become an increasingly common condition. It can be a result of unresolved teenage (chronic) acne, improper skin regimens or internal imbalances. Adult “acne” often appears differently than Acne vulgaris (teenage acne) and is commonly limited to one or two specific areas of the face like the jawline, chin, cheeks, forehead or hairline. It ranges in severity from an occasional hormonal cyst to clustered breakouts.

We advise a less-is-more treatment strategy to begin to reverse the effects of over-cleansing, stripping or exfoliating, and gently nourish, restore microbial balance and improve barrier function. These products support an ecosystem in which your residential microbes can thrive. Retinol is essential because it helps to clear skin while delaying aging by normalizing skin cell development.

This regimen was created to address the fundamentals of men’s skin in an approachable way while also minimizing the concerns of acne.

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