Pregnancy Skin + Dermatitis / Eczema

During the course of pregnancy, hormones fluctuate, the immune system is suppressed and a slew of other changes occur in the body—all of which can impact the state of your skin. This manifests in different ways for everyone, but if ever there was a time to support your skin’s natural processes, it’s now. We recommend avoiding chemical-laden products that dry or strip your skin (as well as invasive procedures), as they increase vulnerability to inflammation and other unwanted symptoms. The most effective way to promote healthy skin while experiencing surging hormones is to encourage stability within the skin system by focusing on the fundamental needs of your barrier layer—nourishing and hydrating with micronutrients, essential fatty acids and beneficial bacteria.

Skin types that experience atopic dermatitis and/or eczema are typically depleted in essential micronutrients which act as essential components of the protective barrier layer of the skin. These inflammatory symptoms can be chronic or present only during periods of increased environmental/internal stress. They may also be caused by hormonal changes, which occur intensely throughout pregnancy.

This regimen helps to repair depleted barrier function, heal and support the skin. All of the ingredients are strategically chosen to support each layer of the skin system, and the products contain no potential irritants. All of the products on the advised regimen are considered safe for use during pregnancy. 

Pure + E.O. Free Oil Cleanser $ 40.00
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Mists & Tonics
Balancing HypoTonic $ 45.00
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Barrier Restore Serum $ 110.00
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Soothing B3 Serum $ 90.00
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Barrier Lipid Complex $ 95.00
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Sun Protection
Everyday Coverage Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30 $ 48.00
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