Teenage Acne

The teenage years are a time of intense biological changes. The body starts producing hormones at puberty, while our skin starts producing sebum for the first time. The most common concerns we see in our teenage clients are increased oil supply, clogged pores and congestion, acne vulgaris, cystic breakouts, blackheads and dryness from barrier dysfunction.

Acne vulgaris is governed by four factors: overproduction of sebum, hyperproliferation of skin cells, inflammation and P. acnes—the microbe that, when over-colonized, contributes to infections and breakouts. Benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics are frequently prescribed to target P. acnes. However, we advise a more sustainable approach by regulating sebum production, keeping the pores clear of debris, subduing inflammation by limiting P. acnes’ food supply and balancing the microbiome.

This regimen addresses what is actually occurring in the skin system at this time, taking into account all factors; oil production, bacteria and inflammation. It should be implemented and followed consistently until symptoms are resolved.

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