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Beyond Topical: Artful Eating with Julia Sherman

Image of Julia Sherman in a kitchen with vegetables

Welcome to Beyond Topical, a series of interviews with experts in a variety of fields that extends the discussion of skincare to explore some of the multitude of other factors that affect skin health. Because while supporting skin with well-formulated and strategic products such as the ones we make at Marie Veronique is imperative, there’s more to the equation.


"Salad for President has been about finding a way to communicate a healthy love of food and a healthy approach to food that feels balanced and playful and not dogmatic."
- Julia Sherman

One of our top priorities this year is highlighting the voices of all the brilliant people who work with us and buy from us. The relationships we’ve built with you — and the fact that we’ve won your trust — are essential to our ability to do what we do. 

Earlier this year we launched customer reviews on our website, and now we’re excited to expand our Beyond Topical interview series with a video collaboration with one of our favorite clients: Julia Sherman.

Julia is a Los Angeles-based artist, writer, cook, and photographer and the creative mind behind Salad for President, an evolving publishing project that draws a meaningful connection between food, art, and everyday obsessions. 

Since we so often talk about the importance of good nutrition to skin health, we are often asked about how to eat in a way that is both supportive of your health *and* delicious. So we thought, who better to work with to give you some ideas?

Watch Kristina Holey, Marie Veronique’s Director of Skin Health, interview Julia about how she keeps joy at the center of her eating habits, and how she came to use (and love) Marie Veronique topicals.

Watch the interview.

As part of our collaboration, Julia is creating a series of recipes exclusively for Marie Veronique. Each one is delicious, beautiful, and filled with nourishing ingredients. Try the first one here:  

Julia Sherman's Recipe For Savory Buckwheat Crepes