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How to Counter Heat for Cool, Calm Skin

Introducing Face To Chest Hydration Mask | Marie Veronique


At Marie Veronique, we consider product formulation as a way to problem-solve. We're always watching the industry, noting trends in the treatment room, as well as at-home skin care. In recent years we’ve noticed an increase in clients who are experiencing symptoms related to heat in the skin, including redness, discoloration, and flushing.

This motivated us to think about all the ways we encounter heat on a regular basis and what to do when it impacts skin health. We’re so pleased to introduce our latest product, FACE TO CHEST HYDRATION MASK.

Our skin is constantly responding to the world around us, it’s what skin does best. We certainly want to encourage healthy circulation to the surface, however, it’s important to counter residual heat which can lead to symptoms. We also realized that most people are unaware of how certain daily habits (like intense exercise or sauna) can contribute to surface-level changes, and are missing the aspect of repair in their regimen. The truth is that all skin can benefit from restorative support. That’s why we’re adding Face to Chest Hydration Mask to our repertoire. And it’s perfectly timed for the summer months when something as simple as warmer weather can affect the skin.

Introducing Face To Chest Hydration Mask

Face to Chest Hydration Mask is a replenishing gel treatment to address heat and aid recovery. Gentle and restoring for all skin types, it can be used multiple times a week and is designed for the face, neck + chest, the latter being overlooked as a whole with skin care.

This mask originated from a longing by our professional partners, for a clean product to use during and following peak stimulation in treatments to immediately aid the body’s natural cooling down phase. The unique texture enhances both the experience with devices and facial massage, as well as supporting skin at the end of treatments. It quickly became an esthetician favorite, and naturally we moved to make this available to everyone (especially considering the rise of at-home tools and devices).

It’s rich in vitamin C derivatives to address dehydration, free radical damage + boost skin clarity by reducing the risk of breakouts. Nymphaea alba flower extract promotes skin comfort and reduces surface-level heat. These key ingredients provide antioxidant support and hydration to support the skin's natural talents for balanced skin.

Heat in the Skin: What It Means + What It Looks Like

How heat is reflected in your skin or impacts skin function, is relative to duration, type of exposure, and the current state of your overall skin health. The most common factors are temperature change + sun exposure, after a hot shower or sauna, post-facial treatments, and exercise. It can also be associated with internal imbalances specific to skin conditions such as rosacea and dermatitis, hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy or menopause, and associated with digestive health and immune function.

To clarify, excess heat can lead to dehydration and imbalanced skin. When there’s increased blood flow to the skin the capillaries expand. For balanced, healthy skin, the vascular network will recover quickly. However, when the vascular system is weakened, either from excess heat exposure or with certain skin conditions, the capillaries won’t shrink at the same rate and the skin remains discolored. We tend to see this as either flushing or consistent redness + discoloration across the cheeks, lower face, neck and chest. Unfortunately, overheating can lead to accelerated aging, loss of flexibility and elasticity, decreased resilience, irritation, and flared symptoms.

Cool, Calm Skin

When skin is unable to recover from heat or stimulation, it’s smart to focus on nourishment, hydration, and balance – all to reduce the impacts of heat, UV exposure, and depletion. To start, you want to address it both topically and internally.


  • Provide the skin with nourishment. We recommend Vitamins A, B & C.
  • Moisturizing + cooling elements, including resetting pH, promoting NMF, and barrier layer support.
  • Use non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen (daily) and apply hydrating masks regularly.

Our top recommendation for a cooling, hydrating regimen to counter heat:


  • Boost hydration, especially early in the day to rehydrate and encourage adequate thirst.
  • Increasing daily fiber with a variety of fresh vegetables, berries, nuts + seeds.
  • Restorative practices such as restful sleep and simple breathing practices.
  • If you do struggle with highly symptomatic, ongoing issues with heat regulation, consider ways to support digestion and detoxification pathways - we often recommend limiting histamine triggers and inflammatory foods while skin is flared.

Summing Up

Clearly, many of the activities that contribute to heat in our daily lives are also highly beneficial. Face to Chest Hydration Mask will provide a new layer of support for your skin because we certainly don’t want our skin to restrict or limit our enjoyment of the things we love. Please enjoy!