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Beyond Topical: Lymphatics with Lisa Gainsley

Beyond Topical: Lymphatics with Lisa Levitt Gainsley

Beyond Topical is an informative series featuring interviews with authentic Marie Veronique users sharing their expertise across a variety of topics that impact total skin health and wellness. As leaders in their respective fields, we value the informed decisions that have brought these friends of the brand to Marie Veronique Skincare. Because while supporting skin with well-formulated and strategic topicals such as the ones we make at Marie Veronique is imperative, we also want to bring attention to other contributing factors that can influence skin health.


"You're never too old or too young, too healthy or too unhealthy to start caring for your lymphatic system. Anyone can start at any time (and benefit)."
- Lisa Levitt Gainsley

Self-massage is one of the best ways to promote both healthy lymph + healthy skin, so we’re delighted Lisa Levitt Gainsley joined us to map it all out.

Our Beyond Topical series is dedicated to highlighting the voices of all the brilliant, talented people who help us advance skin health conversations and believe in our products. We've long admired Lisa’s work, so we’re honored to share this resource with you. The results are truly motivating.

Lisa is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Manual Lymphatic Drainage practitioner, author, educator and speaker. Lisa leads lymphatic workshops across the country and has pioneered the field of Lymphatic self-care with her book titled, The Book of Lymph.

Watch Director of Skin Health Kristina Holey’s interview with Lisa about how to keep your lymphatic system + skin in sync. They also demonstrate specific facial massage techniques with our latest product, Face to Chest Hydration Mask. A replenishing gel mask formulated with a unique texture that enhances the experience of at-home facial massage, tools and devices.

Watch the interview.

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