Louis Pierre: Men's Skin Health Collection

Introducing LOUIS PIERRE | M. VERONIQUE, a long-awaited line of biomimetic, results-oriented, safe skin care that makes it easy for men to achieve optimal skin health and a smooth, comfortable shave. The collection consists of five products that may be used independently or together as part of a 5-step regimen.

For years, our loyal female customers have come to us seeking advice and products for the men in their lives: boyfriends, husbands, brothers, friends and fathers. We are so happy to announce that they are now ready. Designed to address issues specific to men’s skin and lifestyle, these products provide a straightforward alternative to ineffective and unhealthy products and routines. 

Men’s skin health is an imperative component of their general health and well-being, but in researching and developing this line, we discovered that most men either don’t know—or think they’re not supposed to care—about their skin. Here are a few other things we observed: Many men wash their faces in the shower with bar soap (which is alkaline and ultimately leads to dry and stripped skin). They shave with chemical-laden foams that lead to folliculitis and razor burn and splash on aftershave products that make what’s left of their healthy microbiota scream feebly before dying—by the trillions. When treating breakouts and acne, they often use products that do not address their excess sebum production. But perhaps most alarming: skin cancer is the cancer men are most likely to face, yet the majority of men do not use a daily sunscreen. Instead, they use it only during sports or at the pool or beach. Sunscreen is an essential—and arguably the most important—step in any skincare routine.

LOUIS PIERRE | M. VERONIQUE, named for Marie’s father, was born out of our desire to bring attention to the skin health of the men we love and give them straightforward products, advice + alternatives to damaging or toxic routines. Healthy skin is just as important for men as it is for women. Plus, a healthy complexion is a handsome thing.

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