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Salad for President by Julia Sherman

Salad for President by Julia Sherman


Julia is a Los Angeles-based artist, writer, cook, and photographer. Her collaboration with Marie Veronique has resulted in a series of recipes that help us eat in a way that is both supportive of our health *and* delicious. See our Beyond Topical interview with Julia here.

A visually rich collection of inventive recipes and conversations with artists, architects and musicians, Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists offers a rare glimpse into the everyday lives of the most creative characters. Sherman visits unusual live/work spaces from Kyoto to Mexico City, interviewing and photographing her subjects as they cook and share a meal. The resulting volume offers insight into the inner lives of artists with a uniquely vegetable-obsessed perspective.

The book includes 75 of Sherman’s own recipes organized by occasion from F*%k Brunch to Salad In Sweatpants: Casual Meals For People Who Already Love You. In addition, there are contributions from: artist, musician, and director Laurie Anderson, photographer William Wegman, chef/activist Alice Waters, artist Tauba Auerbach, musicians Shinji Masuko and Maki Toba of Boredoms, architect Luis Barragán and the Luque Family, artist/activist Ron Finley, gardener and couture collector Madeleine Fitzpatrick, architect and inventor Harry Gesner, video artist and educator Yoshua Okón, and ceramicist Yui Tsujimura.

Since 2011, Salad For President has published interviews and recipes with such celebrated guests as artists Larry Bell, Robert Irwin, Alison Knowles (Fluxus), and writer/musician Claire Evans (YACHT). Engaged with everything from politics to ecology to art, Salad for President is more than a collection of delicious recipes—it is a celebration of the more intimate everyday practices that define the artists we know and love. Expanding on the blog, Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists, is a book for people who want to live, cook, and host like an artist.