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Beyond Topical: Conscious Breath with Ashley Neese

Beyond Topical: Conscious Breath with Ashley Neese

Beyond Topical is an informative series featuring interviews with authentic Marie Veronique users sharing their expertise across a variety of topics that impact total skin health and wellness. As leaders in their respective fields, we value the informed decisions that have brought these friends of the brand  to Marie Veronique Skincare. Because while supporting skin with well-formulated and strategic topicals such as the ones we make at Marie Veronique is imperative, we also want to bring attention to other contributing factors that can influence skin health.


"Let the benefits of fully breathing motivate a breathwork practice that works for you."
- Ashley Neese

Thank you to Ashley Neese for joining us and sharing her expertise on how building a breathwork practice can help transform your relationship to stress. Ashley is a friend of the brand and a true devotee of Marie Veronique skincare having seen real results in her own skin. We are honored to share her work as a resource for our community and highlight her new book, Permission to RestListen to Kristina & Ashley's full interview here.

To get started with a daily breathwork practice, Ashley encourages clients to start small. Whether as a standalone practice to “reset” your nervous system, adding intentional breath throughout your day when stress is high, or incorporated within a meditation or exercise routine. The goal is to connect with your breath and allow more space for it to positively impact you in the moment. Watch her short video to help guide you!

Ashley Neese is a renowned breathwork teacher, author, parent, and land steward. She has spent over a decade working at the intersections of embodiment, transformation, and renewal. Ashley is the host of The Deeper Call podcast, where she shares restorative conversations to support connection and healing. She lives with her family and a small herd of mini donkeys in the Sierras.

The most essential products in Ashley’s topical regimen:

  • Pre & Probiotic Daily Mist - “This mist is cooling, soothing, and super refreshing any time of day. I love using it on days when I am in front of the computer for long periods and I also take it with me on hikes and to the river with family. I love that I can boost and balance my skin on the go.”
  • Barrier Restore Serum - “Since fully switching to Marie Veronique products after using another holistic brand for years, my skin has become more radiant, healthy, and is no longer dry. I am a firm believer in the importance of maintaining my skin barrier function and keeping the skin microbiome balanced. This serum is a must for my skin.”
  • Barrier Lipid Complex - “I live in a dry area with very intense temperature changes and this is the only moisturizer that has worked for my skin. Before using this product my skin was super dry by the afternoon. After just a few months of use, my skin is hydrated all day long and feels amazing!”
  • Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion - “A must-have. This gentle retinol has repaired and restored my skin on a profound level. I love that I can use this every night without any worry of peeling, cracking, or red skin. My skin texture and tone has evened out and it has really helped the skin under my eyes as well.”