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Beyond Topical: Fabulous Fiber with Unique Hammond

Beyond Topical: Fabulous Fiber with Unique Hammond

Beyond Topical is an informative series featuring interviews with authentic Marie Veronique users sharing their expertise across a variety of topics that impact total skin health and wellness. As leaders in their respective fields, we value the informed decisions that have brought these friends of the brand to Marie Veronique Skincare. Because while supporting skin with well-formulated and strategic topicals such as the ones we make at Marie Veronique is imperative, we also want to bring attention to other contributing factors that can influence skin health.


"There is an incredible need for internal health to support external health"
- Unique Hammond

It was an honor to speak with Unique Hammond on our shared admiration for fabulous fiber and why it’s such an important consideration for addressing digestion + skin. As an authentic devotee of Marie Veronique skincare, Unique embraces our brand ethos towards healthy aging and we appreciate her sharing her expertise with our community.

We encourage clients to focus on adding nutrients (rather than restrictions). Increasing a variety of fibrous foods in a sustainable way is often our first dietary recommendation. A few of our favorite ways to boost include a savory breakfast with cooked greens, garnishing dishes with seeds + leafy herbs, soups or salads with legumes, a handful of berries, and prepping crisp vegetables (like kohlrabi, fennel, celery, radish, cucumber) for easy snacking throughout the day.

Watch Kristina + Unique’s full conversation to learn more.

Unique Hammond is a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, an Integrative Health Coach, and Author of Your Tastebuds are A**holes. She has helped countless clients worldwide discover natural wellness to heal acne, balance hormones and improve digestion.

Below Unique shares her favorite Marie Veronique products from her personal topical regimen: