Something New Under the Sun: Skin Protection in the Age of Global Warming

by Marie Veronique

Sun Protection

There is no denying that climate change affects every aspect of our lives—even skin care. At some point in the upward trajectory of levels of heat, pollution and UV emissions, protective skin care will transition from a cosmetic option to a health necessity. And because we aren’t used to thinking of skin care in that way, it will be a non-trivial leap.

Inflammatory Skin and the Importance of Sun Protection

by Marie Veronique

Everyone needs sun protection, but if you’re struggling to control certain skin conditions, it’s particularly important to find the right kind. The primary stressor for inflammation-based conditions like photoaging, rosacea and hyperpigmentation is—you guessed it—sun exposure. Here’s are the most common sun traps and how to avoid them.

Synergistic Layering of Serums

by Marie Veronique

Just as no two people are alike, every skin inhabited by an individual is unique to that person. Skins may share common conditions like acne and aging, but under that umbrella, every person presents a different set of symptoms. (Similarly, the microbe Propionibacterium acnes is a species that differs at the strain level—some strains causing acne while others don’t.)

For this reason, we have found that the most effective treatments come from serums formulated to address skin problems at the symptom level rather than the condition level. For example, our Treatment Serum regulates sebum production to ameliorate acne conditions, while our Lightening Serum inhibits tyrosinase to fade hyperpigmentation. At the serum level, we can target specific dysfunctions by supplying ingredients that help the skin self-regulate.