Dermal Delivery of the Essential Topical Micronutrients: Part Two

by Marie Veronique

I didn’t realize until after I’d written the previous blog post that it begged for a sequel; knowing which micronutrients are necessary to maintain healthy skin is of course important, but if micronutrients don’t travel to where they need to go, not to mention be in good shape and ready to work once they’ve arrived, then they’re useless (even worse than useless in some cases, when being in the wrong place can harm the skin). So, in a follow-up to the discussion in Part One concerning which micronutrients to use we focus this time on where micronutrients need to go, i.e., to which layers of the skin, their mode of transport, and what they do once they’ve reached their destination. The short term for all this eventful activity is Dermal Delivery. Dermal Delivery is the opportunity to deliver important micronutrients topically which means you must have good formulation AND good chemistry to start with, not just a good ingredient deck (Oh and let’s not forget about a deep understanding of skin function and the microbiome). Think about all of this when choosing your skincare and note the values of the company making your products. Companies need to know how to properly formulate to deliver ingredients effectively and have the heart and knowledge to always make that the priority.